About Us


Who we are…

The African American Accountability Alliance (4As) is an organization of African American professionals who are committed to promoting positive change in Alachua County’s African American community

What we believe…

We believe in promoting self empowerment, self reliance, self determination, and self sustainability

We believe that the African American community has enough resources to address the issues that impact us

We further believe that positive change will result from the concerted action of concerned members of the African American community

What we do…

The 4As operates through the implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan. This plan promotes forward movement in all aspects of the African American community, from business, to government, to health, and beyond

African American Community Vision Statement

As African American Leaders and Organizations, we will work collectively to identify and develop a strategic plan to address the challenges facing the Alachua County African American community.  Our goal is to develop a strategic plan, which encourages self-help, self-reliance, economic development, trust, support and spiritual wellness.  This strategic plan is our legacy to empower our future generations for success, and to improve the quality of life for African American citizens of Alachua County.

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